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‘Passejant per Horta’ is my first published sketchbook and it is also my first serious experience as an urban sketcher. The book was published last year (2011) by the Barcelona City Hall. This project allowed me to discover a very exciting way to work.

The book allowed me to know more deeply the reality of a neighborhood that I hold very close to me and walking, as a reporter with notebook and pen in the interstices of this part of the city many times forgotten the same locals. Horta, La Clota and Font d’en Fargues are three areas in which I walked notebook in hand stopping me to draw but also, often, to talk with people. And this has been a real discovery, that is to see how people, when they see you are drawing, brings you closer and they explain to you the neighborhood secrets … and even their ones!

Date: 2011
: Barcelona City Hall