Raining chestnuts!

  • posted on 16 October 2013


The ladybug Antoinette and her cousin were harvesting some mushrooms when they found a worm very sad. It lived in a chestnut but someone roasted it and now the worm is homeless. Autumn has arrived in the garden but, where will the worm live? This is the argument of the new book in the Ladybug Antoinette, written by Gemma Armengol and drawn by Òscar Julve.

Date: October 2013
Publisher: Animallibres, Editorial Bromera, Algar Editorial.
Author: Gemma Armengol

Divina Lomax!

  • posted on 8 October 2013



She is Divina Lomax, the Gran Circo Cappuccino‘s greatest attraction. Married to Arturo, the tamer of dinosaurs. Despite the unwavering love that unites Divina to her husband, she despises him and she has sex with anyone except Arturo. And not only that: After each night of extramarital desire, the Burlesque star tattooes the name of her lover fleeting in her skin. You can read the names of her lovers on the Gran Circo Cappuccino‘s Facebook.

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