I, Elvis Riboldi and the false guilty

  • posted on 13 November 2013


Elvis’s father is accused of assaulting a bank and sent to prison. All the evidences point to him. But Leonidas would be unable to kill a fly… So Elvis and Boris decide to liberate him. But their research techniques aren’t too much similar to the Holmes and Watson’s ones …

Date: October 2013
Publisher: La Galera
Author: Bono Bidari

Dancin Lomax

  • posted on 1 November 2013

Divina Lomax from julve on Vimeo.





This animated short has been an authentic challenge that I wanted to face with my friends of Allakinda. In fact, if the film has any value is because of them. It has been a long process, but in the end, it was worth and we can see At Its Best to the most divine, sexiest ever, DIVINA LOMAX!

Divina Lomax is the Gran Circo Cappuccino‘s greatest attraction. Married to Arturo, the tamer of dinosaurs. Despite the unwavering love that unites Divina to her husband, she despises him and she has sex with anyone except Arturo. And not only that: After each night of extramarital desire, the Burlesque star tattooes the name of her lover fleeting in her skin. You can read the names of her lovers on the Gran Circo Cappuccino‘s Facebook

Thanks to Ciscu Spinevinyl for providing the music!

Date: 2013
Animation: Allakinda
Music: Ciscu Spinevinyl


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