I’m a catalan free-lance illustrator, based in Barcelona.

I studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, specializing in Painting. After finishing my degree, I started to collaborate as an illustrator in several local design studios, publishing companies and magazines, working in different graphic registers and using a wide spectrum of techniques.

I have also worked for TV producers; in charge of concepts for Art development in some TV projects. Moreover, in the last few years, I have been working on a graphic novel collection for young readers that has aroused interest in one of the major animation producer, who is developing, at the moment, the animated series.



Premi Hospital Sant Joan de Déu de Conte il·lustrat. Literature and Illustration Award. 2017.
Junceda (APIC) Illustration applied to animation. 2014
Atrapallibres (ClijCAT) Children Literature Award. 2013
Junceda (APIC) Illustration applied to animation. Special Mention, 2013
Prix International Rendez-vous du Carnet de Voyage (Clermont-Ferrand). Nomination, 2012
Mercè Llimona. Illustration award, 2010
Josep Coll (APIC)Comic award. Special Mention, 2007
Junceda. Illustration award, 2007
Lola Anglada. Illustration award, 2005
Mercè Llimona. Illustration award, 2001